Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Sodastream giveaway winner is .....

Seriously, ignore the goofy face Monkey made in the picture. The kid cannot take a normal picture anymore! He either looks ridiculous, or stoned. LOL

I don't know how to do that fancy winner generator without paying for the service, so we did this the good ole fashioned way! :)

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! I think you and your kids will LOVE this. :) We do! Please email me your address, waffle1313 @ gmaildotcom. I will forward it on to Sodastream, and the gift package (with ginger ale, cola, and root beer) will be on it's way to you!


The VW's said...

Love the picture of Monkey! :) That give-a-way looks awesome! Conrats to the winner!

Hope your family is enjoying this holiday weekend! Hugs!!!

Buttercup said...

Congratulations to Denise. You've got me thinking about buying this. May just have to check out eBay.