Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poor Pathetic Pup

If you remember this post, our dog Koda had a bunch of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors/warts/growths removed recently. We traded the Cone of Shame for this neck brace style thing, that stops her from chewing herself but allows her to go out the doggy door. The dog is determined to scratch the stitches though! She rubbed up against a tree last week until one of the incisions on her side reopened. I took her to the vet, he put some staples in and bandaged it up. I was supposed to change the bandage yesterday. When I took it off, UGH! Instead of one hole, now there are three?? I took her right back to the vet, and he said it's probably from an infection underneath the skin that was working it's way out ... or something. Anyway, he redressed it AGAIN. I had to figure out what to put over it until we got to his office though, as there were three gaping, bleeding holes on her side. So yes ... this is what I did. Oh, and yes, that is a pantyliner held on with packing tape. :)


Heather said...

Poor puppy indeed.

And,so hate that Peanut's seizures are back.Really,really hate that.

Our neurologist is Dr.Shield's at UCLA.He is amazing.Hard to miss with any of them over there.Sure hoping you get in fast.Have your current neuro. do the stalking.Seems to be the best way to get in quickly.We actually have an appointment on Monday.Would gladly give it up for your sweet girl if I knew I could.

Prayers for Peanut.

Becky said...

Goodness! That POOR dog. I hope it's not costing you too much.