Monday, May 25, 2009

Trying Miralax.

We haven't used Miralax with Peanut in about a year and a half. She has pooped regularly, if not often. She was pooping three times a week, until we started the blenderized diet. Now she only poops twice a week, and it's not fun for her.

We have started Miralax as of yesterday. As some of you know, it's a hard medication to figure out. We started her on a low dose of it, in hopes of avoiding blow-outs. She didn't poop yet. I am going to up it today. It's always proven hard with Miralax to find the dose that makes her poop, yet not too much. Hopefully we can find that dose quickly and without much mess. ;)

Can you imagine if our children read these, and realized how much we talk about things like their poop schedules? They'd kill us! LOL


Junior said...

hope you can figure out the right dose, we use Mirilax every day around here.

Lacey said...

I hate miralax, I think we've finally figured out Jax dose. It doesn't make him him poop, since he has no motility, but it makes it soft for when we give him suppositories.

HennHouse said...

We've never tried miralax. Esther-Faith was on lactulose for a while, then we switched to a higher fiber diet and she gets regular enemas... which are no fun.

The VW's said...

Hope you can figure out the right dose soon! Don't worry, I won't tell Peanut that you are sharing her schedule with the world! :) We do share a lot of their private issues, don't we? I'm sure that they would understand!

connie said...

Can you email me? I don't see an email address here, but think we have a LOT in common, including the constipation that showed up using blenderized diet. I still believe it's the way to go, but have figured a few things and got some input from one of Mal's specialists about NOT using fiber for kids with neurogenic bowels. We are pretty much at the point of knowing grains and seeds are mostly out of the picture (still might trial a bit of tahini .. since we accidentally BOUGHT TWO JARS after I heard lots of people using it for tube feedings). The added fiber does NOT help her poop, but binds everything up and slows things down more.

Anyway, please email if you want, and let's compare notes. Or whine to each other.