Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thanks for the g-tube help, now a latex allergy question!

I am full of questions lately. How amazing is the blog world, that we can ask these things and gets answers from people who REALLY experience them, not just a doctor who's read a book about them! :)

As for the g-tube residual issue, it's definately not due to fast metabolism. Her gastric motility is SO slow, she takes erythromiacin three times a day to help it along. At one point it was so slow they wanted to classify her as having a paralyzed stomach, and we were on j-tube feeds! It has improved some, but it's definately not emptying fast enough for that to be the answer.

I appreciate all the answers though, you mommas are all awesome! I will definately ask our GI about it at our next appointment.

My next question is for anyone who is allergic to latex or has a kiddo who is allergic to latex. I have always been told that bananas, kiwis, and avocados are cross-allergens and to avoid them with Peanut. But in talking to people (therapists, other moms, school nurse, etc) no one else avoids these things. So I researched it a bit, and most sites say that about 50% of people with a latex allergy will also react to these foods.

Now that I am making Peanut's blenderized diet instead of all formula, I would like to try some of these. I am wondering if anyone has actually had a reaction to them, who is allergic to latex? Perhaps I can try slowly and see what happens.

Anyone? :)


The VW's said...

Can't help with this one! Hope you get your answers though!

HennHouse said...

Esther-Faith DEFINITELY reacts to all tropical foods (bananas, avocados, kiwi, melon, mango, etc...) We avoid them all.

I emailed you about a list we keep for Esther-Faith. I'm happy to send it along if you're interested.

Deanna said...

I'm latex allergic (mild-moderate), and I also cross-react to kiwi. It makes my lips burn, turn red, etc... Not quite as bad as the latex (lips swell), but still there. No problem with bananas or avocados, but I don't like mango's and melons to know.