Sunday, May 17, 2009

A reminder to get emergency supplies

We just rode out a 5.0 earthquake that was centered very close to us. It was a big, long one. Poor Monkey, he has some serious anxiety issues and he literally went into a panic attack. He is still freaked out, almost an hour later. I had to sit in the bathroom while he took a shower, and I have a feeling I will have an almost-9-year-old in my bed tonite.

As the title says, it's quite a reminder that we should have an emergency kit somewhere. We have lots of bottled water and formula for Peanut and canned food, but not in a central, united place. We should really do that. I will make it a goal, to do within the next week or two!

Do YOU have an emergency kit? What does it contain? And where is it, what is it stored in? How long would it last you?

Lastly, we deal with earthquakes in Southern California. It's really our only natural disaster here. My thought is that if I make an earthquake kit, in a big rubbermaid container, where do I put it? If the earthquake is big enough that our house collapses or something, would I be able to get to it? Would the garage be the safest place, would it not collapse as well? I guess there's no guarantee that anywhere is the BEST place.

Things we have to deal with even more as parents of special needs kiddos. We need extra supplies that we wouldn't be able to borrow from a neighbor or someone. It's something I definately need to think about and act on!


Junior said...

oh wow, that is a good size earthquake. We are in central CA near sac but didn't feel it.
Thanks for the emergency supplies reminder, I need to put something together as well.

Alicia said...

Glad everyone is OK. I was on Facebook last night and a friend chimed in and said there was an earthquake. He also said that the kids would be in his bed and that meant he would be sleeping on the couch!! :)

Thanks for the reminder. Something you don't think about till you need to.

Have a great week!

Alicia, Marissa's mom

Lacey said...

I always talk about an emergency kit and never do it. It one of those things you talk about but don't do it until something happens. We need to get one.

The VW's said...

How scary! Glad you are all safe!

It is more important to have a plan and supplies when you have a special needs child. Where we live, there is rarely anything to prepare for, except the power going out. Since Gavin has to do breathing treatments daily, we got a generator to have some electricity just in case the power is out for too long. Other than that, I have nothing else prepared.

You have given us all some things to think about! This is a good thing!