Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Busy Week

This is one of those weeks where I know ahead of time I am not going to get laundry done, dishes will be piled up, and I can only hope to try and get Monkey a shower each night.

Today I spent the day at Monkey's school, where I am the co-president of PTO this year and will be President next year. I am also the Box Top Coordinator, and I had a flier to send out about that. Oh, and I run the school-wide reading program so I needed to make a list of kids who made their reading goal EVERY week of EVERY month so far, and get invited to the end-of-the-year reading picnic. Oh, and I co-run Student Store on Fridays and we got a new shipment in today so we had to organize that cabinet. Oh, and ..... (you get the idea). ;)

We have no nurse today. We are supposed to on Mondays, from 1-9. She said she needed to come in late today, at 3. I said okay, since she asked me ahead of time. Then she texted me around 2 and asked if she could come in around 5. No. That doesn't work. That doesn't help me at all. Just don't bother coming in. Oh, and she's scheduled in the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday this week (she works numerous nursing jobs) so she can't come in until Thursday. GREAT. Because I did not need to spend hours working on eBay this week, trying to make money.

I had to take Peanut and Monkey to the Children's Hospital this afternoon to pick up a CD of her bladder/renal ultrasounds, to take to Wednesday's urology appointment. The radiologist put all of her bladder/renal ultrasounds on it, so the dr can compare them.

When my lovely husband got home from work, I ran out the door to the gym. I try and get in as many aqua aerobics classes a week as I can, as it is go for my back/hip/joint problems.

Tomorrow I am taking Peanut out of school early to have lunch with Monkey's teacher. I think I mentioned before that she had a baby in December. The baby was born with a heart condition, and had open heart surgery when she was 5 days old. Things look even worse now, she has mitral valve insufficiency. There is a surgery to fix it, but at her size the survival rate is nill. They are hoping that as she grows a bit, the valve will too, although it has no grown at all since birth. The fear is that it will not grow with her, and the bigger she gets the worse it will get. They are not giving her good odds for the baby to survive another 6 months. :(

Anyway, I am taking Peanut and meeting her and the beautiful blond angelic baby for lunch tomorrow. I am SO excited about this!! :) Then she has PT/OT Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning Peanut has an orthopedic appointment. This doctor has the personality of a snail. Blech. I think we're supposed to attemp weight bearing hip xrays. We'll see how well she cooperates!

Wednesday afternoon we hasve the big urology appointment. Like our blog friend Annabel, we are looking at surgery for a neurogenic bladder and hydronephrosis. Although to be honest? A vesicostomy doesn't sound horrible. Catheterizing a 30 pound beast alone? That's horrible. I can't do it alone. So when I don't have a nurse or a husband home to help me, Peanut doesn't get cath'd. It's just impossible to do without leaving bruises on her. She is SO strong, and so determined not to get cath'd. It doesn't hurt her. She doesn't cry, she just hates it.

Thursday .... dare I say it? I think we have nothing except PT/OT in the afternoon! GASP! I might be able to get some laundry done Thursday morning.

Friday I volunteer in Monkey's classroom, then run Student Store. This Friday we have a special lunch with the principal for 30 kids. Holy cow. A luao lunch for 30 children. What a nightmare. LOL

Saturday we are going to my Grandmother's house to celebrate a late Mother's Day. By Sunday, if I'm still breathing, I will be buried in laundry and dishes for sure!!!

I hope you all have less busy weeks that I do. This will be a LONG one. I am not looking forward to Wednesday's appointments. Wish us well!!


The VW's said...

I hope your week goes well! Remember to breath during all of your busyness!!! :)

HennHouse said...

I'll be praying for peace of mind... every single step of the way!