Sunday, May 31, 2009

A few random photos

Fun random photos! I know, you're wondering why the hell there's a picture of my kitchen sink! LOL I got a new stainless steel sink, that's why. You can see how icky and stained the old ceramic coated one was. It wouldn't bleach, it looked gross, etc. Yay for a new one!
Monkey had Open House last week, and all the 3rd graders square danced. How cute were they!
The last ones of Peanut are the other day after her bus ride home from school. They must have really worked her, she never sleeps like this.


Alicia said...

What a great time at Special Olympics and the rodeo! It's great that the whole school gets involved and lets the gen ed kids help and experience what it might be like to be disabled. And Peanut looked cute as ever in her red white and blue!

Hooray for the new kitchen sink! We have an old ceramic one and, from looking at your new one, we may be making a switch soon. :)

HennHouse said...

LOVE the new sink, and what a sweet photo of Peanut... She looks so adorable.

Lacey said...

Oh, thats the sink I want. New granite countertops and get rid of the dumb white sink that shows everything. I'm so jealous.

The VW's said...

Love all the pictures in this post and the others down below! Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun!

We got a new sink this year too. Our old one looked like your old one! Gross! I'm loving our new one too! Enjoy yours!