Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This is the first week I am participating in Not Me! Monday! This is a fun thing that an awesome blogger started. For more information about it, or to see links to many other Not Me! blogs, check out MckMama's Blog!

Today for lunch I did NOT eat at Taco Bell, simply because I drove by and it called my name. I did NOT break my diet just for the sake of a crunchy taco and a bean burrito. I most definately did NOT get sour cream added to the burrito!

I did NOT make Peanut's blenderized food this morning with all jarred baby foods, rather than homemade baby foods. I was NOT too lazy to blend up the peas and pears that were in the fridge waiting for me.

I did NOT let Monkey buy a stupid egg of slime at the Dollar Tree while I was shopping for PTO supplies, simply to get him to stop whining. I would NEVER bribe my child with a dollar's worth of ick!

I did NOT agree to be the PTO President next year at Monkey's school. I did NOT let myself get talked in to this position. I will NOT complain about it all year!

I am now going to NOT make Sloppy Joe's from the stuff in the can, and call it a meal. I would definately NOT serve that crap to my family. :)

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The VW's said...

Taco Bell and Sloppy Joe's sound great to me!

I hope being PTO President goes well! Big job, but someone has to do it and it will surely be worth it in the long run, I'm sure!