Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ha. I thought I had no plans!

Okay, thinks I forgot about! Here I thought Thursday was going to be the "easy" day. LOL Thursday morning Peanut has her annual Adaptive PE Rodeo at school, families invited. And Thursday night is Chuck-E-Cheese night fundraiser for Monkey's school. So much for a non-busy day. ;)

I had lunch with Monkey's teacher today, and her gorgeous baby girl. They finally got a diagnosis for all her heart conditions, it's Shones Syndrome. It's not good. :( Evidently her prognosis for survival beyond one year is only about 20%. I just held her and sniffed her blond head and wanted to bawl my eyes out.

If you've been following Kayleigh's blog, you know that she passed away. Again, I sit her and want to cry my head off. I will definately be hugging Peanut TIGHT tonite!!


Junior said...

Such sad news, we will say a prayer for your little ones teacher and her baby.

An adaptive PE rodeo, that sure sounds like fun.

Marissa said...

Wow, I just read your previous post and had to stop and catch my breath!!! Whew!!

I will be praying for your friend and her baby. I will also be praying for your appts. tomorrow.

And praying for you to just make it through the week!