Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still no poop.

I gave Peanut two teaspoons of Miralax on Sunday and Monday. Still no poop. I was trying to remember the last time she pooped, because our nurses track that kind of thing. I have to be able to tell the nurse today when Peanut last pooped and honestly? The last one I remember was Monday. Not yesterday, but a week ago. That can't be right? I better try and rack my brain a bit more.

Either way, it's obviously been a while. I guess the two teaspoons of Miralax is not enough. I will go to three teaspoons, which is a tablespoon I believe? Hopefully she will poop soon. I guess a suppository is in her afternoon plans.

How much miralax do YOU use on your kid? How much do they weigh? I am afraid of increasing it too much and having never-ending poop, but I guess that's better for her than no poop.

How many times can I say poop in one blog post? :)


Lacey said...

I don't know teaspoons, we do capfulls, and there have been times were he was on a full capfull to make him poop. So don't be afraid to give her a full capfull.

The VW's said...

Can't help you, but I pray that it works soon! Thanks for the giggle!

shan said...

We do it daily with Marie's bolus of water. She gets 1/2 cap per day and she's 23 pounds. There have been days that I've gone up to 3/4 cup when she's not moving things well. I'd say you're fixin' to have a blowout ;)

Alicia said...

I wish I could tell you something that would help. All I can do is pray for poop.

As for how many times you can say poop in one blog post, I was thinking about writing a post where all I say is poop over and over and over. Sounds fun, huh?

Praying for relief for your Precious Peanut.

John Gensic said...

When Mikan needed Mirilax, the order was for 1/4 capful and he was about 13-14 lbs at the time. He only needed one 1/4 capful and then pooped all day. But Peanut is bigger and may clearly need more. What does your doctor say?