Monday, August 31, 2009

GI appt today .. please pray for some weight gain!

We had a metabolics appointment last week, and Peanut was back up almost to where she was before she got sick last month. Hopefully by today she will be back to 30 pounds. We are going to discuss raising her calories a bit too. According to the diet that the dietician has her on, she gets about 600 calories a day. I know it's really low, but due to her metabolic disorder it's fine. We are going to bump it to 650 or 700 (by using more Polycose) probably. There's a fine line with her, between gaining slowly and healthily, not gaining at all, and gaining a TON too fast. We'll see how it goes!

We haven't seen any more seizure activity since Thursday night. Hopefully we won't, for a long time!!

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Alicia said...

Praying for weight gain and no more seizures.

I am also praying for Marie's family. My heart is broken this morning as I read this. I am so sorry.