Friday, August 7, 2009

Biopsy results

Thank heavens, the nodules in my breast are "just cysts"! Hallelujah!!!

Peanut has her spine MRI on Monday. I am SO anxious for this, I cannot wait to hear the results. This is the test that was recommended to us by the doctors at the microcephaly convention. I hope that something fixable shows up, that might help my Peanut!

Because she has to be NPO for 8 hours, and the MRI is scheduled at 8am on Monday, we have to be admitted Sunday night. She can't go anywhere near 8 hours NPO. So we will go in at 8pm on Sunday, and get hydration all night. Off to the MRI, fully sedated for at least an hour, head to recovery, and then home. Hopefully the results will be in quickly after that!

Thanks for checking in on us. I really appreciate it!


HennHouse said...

And AMEN!!

Please keep us posted on the MRI. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers all weekend.

connie said...

Good news. I'm so glad.

Michelle and Sean said...

Yay! I'm so glad that they are cysts and not something else! I hope peanuts MRI goes well. I will be looking forward to an update from you!! I'm praying for you guys!!

The VW's said...

Great news, so happy to hear this!

Praying that your admission and MRI for Peanut goes well! HUGS!!!

Hua said...


Glad to hear the happy news! Good luck with the MRI.
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