Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meeting Lacey and Jaxson today!

(EDITED - We're meeting tomorrow instead. Still excited!)

I am so excited, Peanut and I are meeting Jaxson and his family at the pier for lunch today!! They wanted to go to the beach while in SoCal. Unfortunately the weather is gloomy and cool, so I don't know how much fun they will have. It will still LOOK beautiful! I can't wait to see Jaxson. And shhhhh, but Peanut has a little present for him. :)


Junior said...

soooo exciting, have a great time

Alicia said...

That is awesome!! Being able to meet others like us is such a joy and a blessing. Have a great time!!!

The VW's said...

Have a wonderful time! Give Lacey and Jaxson a hug for me! I'm SO JEALOUS!!! HUGS!