Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am crying my eyes out as I sit here ....

I have never met Shannon in real life, I have only read her blog. I have followed on her beautiful daughter Josie, and her amazing daugher Marie who was born with Leigh's Disease. I have waited impatiently to hear of their third daughter being born.

When I logged on to her blog this evening to see if the baby made her appearance, I was shocked to read the news. Sarah Kate was born Thursday morning, and then Marie passed away peacefully in her sleep the next morning.

I cannot even imagine. My heart is literally aching, I am typing through streaming tears. Please pray for their family as they try to deal with the bliss and happiness of a new baby, along with the heartache of loss.


Junior said...

Such joy and sadness on the same day. I just finished looking at their blog and Marie was a beautiful little girl. Prayers for the family

ParkerMama said...

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The VW's said...

I am devastated by this news too! My heart is just sick, thinking about the pain Shan and her family must be feeling! I'm definitely praying...and crying my eyes out too! HUGS!!!