Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One more week of summer ...

The kids start school on September 9th. One more week! I have spent so much time at school already, getting PTO things ready. Being president is hard work!

Peanut had her GI appointment yesterday. She was up a little bit, almost back to where she was before she got sick. The good news is that the GI finally agrees that she doesn't need to gain any more weight! The dietician is through the metabolics office, and she wants Peanut to be always slowly gaining weight. The GI says that since she isn't growing in height, she doesn't need to gain weight.

That has been my point for over a year! He says that she is between 25-50 % on the BMI chart. Why would we want her over that? So I told the dietician that the GI doesn't want her to gain weight, so we are not going to up her Polycose. YAY! She ranges between 28-31 pounds all the time. It's enough for her to have some reserves in case she gets sick, and yet not be overweight.

She was supposed to go for a sedated EEG this morning, to follow up on her seizures last week. They cancelled it at the last minute because they needed pre-authorization that they didn't have. Now we are waiting for them to get the pre-auth, and call me to reschedule it. I am hoping it happens QUICK - because next week is the first week of school! I don't want her to miss, nevermind that as PTO president I really need to be there that week.

That's about it. It's really hot here lately. In the 90's and low 100's. Too hot! And muggy. We're not used to muggy. It's supposed to start cooling off tomorrow. There are so many wildfires around here too, the sky is gray and icky. The firefighters could definately use some coooler weather. Let's hope it cools quickly!


Junior said...

Oh don't you hate it when they cancel last minute. Hope they get the auth quickly.

We have that same icky sky here, so much smoke.

Lacey said...

I am glad we left before the fires came. With Jax respitory problems and my asthmatics, it would have been hell. I can't believe its so hot there right by the beach. I still wish we were there instead of here.

The VW's said...

Great news on the weight issue! I've never heard of a sedated EEG, I always have to try to get Gavin to sleep during our EEG's.

I can't believe that school is starting already and the summer is ending! This makes me sad. :( Our boys start back on Sept 8.

I hope the year goes well for all of you!

The Neffs said...

Hope you enjoy your time before school starts! I just love this time of year.

Blessings, Ginger