Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home again, home again!

Peanut's MRI went smoothly. It took a full two hours, and she was sedated with Propofal, the same drug that Michael Jackson took at home. The anesthesiologist and I talked about that, it was quite funny.

The overnight stay was no fun, but it never is. Peanut slept well that night actually, but of course I didn't. She did good, she woke up pissed off from the anesthesia like normal. She screamed and thrashed for a good hour. I hate that part. :(

Hopefully the MRI results will be in quickly!


Treguboff Family said...

Thinking of you peanut and hoping for good MRI results. Hopefully they'll be able to tell something.

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that everything went smoothly! Hope you get some good results! I've only woken up to anesthesia once and it feels weird, like you are in some bad dream! Poor Peanut! Welcome Home! HUGS!

Lacey said...

Tanner, my autistic one, has a horrible reaction to anesthesia. He wakes up screaming bloody murder and even I can't calm him down, its horrible.

HennHouse said...

Welcome home!

I do hope you get some answers from the MRI.

Michelle said...

When do you get the MRI results? Nice to hear the biopsy was negative. YEA!