Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is it only Thursday? I need a weekend. :)

UPDATE! Her blood sugars are to be checked before her 16 hour continuous feed, 8 hours into it, and 2 hours after it ends. Of course, the pharmacy says the insurance needs pre-authorization because she's not taking any diabetic medications. Hmm .. because she's not diabetic perhaps? Pre-auth will take at least 72 hours. Good thing a friend was able to give me some test strips and lancets to use!

She has lost weight, down to 28 pounds. :( She was 31.

I am frustrated with everything medical right now. I'm ready for a margarita now!


The biopsy wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The novacaine burned a LOT, and for some reason they used novacaine with epinephrine so my heart was racing for a little bit. Other than the horrible sound of the biopsy needle gun thingy, it was okay after that. Luckily for me, my breasts are still mostly numb from my reduction last year, so I am not hurting today. I return on Friday to have the site looked at by the nurse and to get the biopsy results. Cross your fingers!

Today I take Peanut to the GI. Good thing, because she has massive diarrea. Ick, I hate even typing that word! I went in this morning to find her sitting in her bed with it everywhere. I wanted to puke! If I don't give her the Miralax she doesn't poop for days on end. If I give it to her, she poops horribly. She's really retchy today too. The poor kid can't get a break!

We are supposed to pick up her blood sugar monitor from the metabolics clinic while we are there. I hate that. :(

I am going out to dinner with my PTO board tonite, so at least I have margaritas to look forward to!


The VW's said...

Hope your biopsy results are good! And I hope Peanut's GI appointment went well and she's feeling better too!

Have fun going out to dinner tonight! :)

Lacey said...

I'm definitely in on the margerita. Save me one. I emailed you, let me know what will work for you to visit while we are down there.
Oh and I found with Jax and miralax, you might have to just lower the dose. If I give him a whole capfull, it just makes him explode, you have to find a happy medium.