Friday, January 8, 2010

What an afternoon!

When I opened the door to let Peanut's nurse in, all three dogs ran out. Sometimes they go out the door and I yell get back here, and they do. That's it. Today, all THREE ran out. And kept running. The boston terrier ran to the neighbor's yard, to see their dog that was tied up outside. I grabbed her, handed her to Peanut's nurse, and ran after the other two. They ran towards the busy street. And kept running! One turned the corner, and I managed to grab her collar. The other ran across the four lane street, literally in between cars. I thought for sure she was going to get hit. Then she kept running, and ran down the block. I couldn't chase after her, because I had the collar of the other. These dogs each weigh 35 pounds, so I couldn't very will pick her up and run. Not to mention I was in my flip-flops, and had a hand full of mail. Of course Peanut's bus pulled up right then to drop her off, so her nurse couldn't run with me. I went home with the one dog by the collar, to get the car and chase the other down. She can running back SO fast, and in the house. I think she must have almost gotten hit, because she was terrified. I was PISSED and relieved, at the same time.

Then I went to Monkey's school, to pick up him and a friend. The friend was missing. It took 15 minutes and the entire school staff to find him hiding in the bushes with another boy. The kid who I was supposed to pick up, decided he wanted to go home with the other kid, instead of Monkey. I was on the phone with his mom hysterical, she was hysterical. The school was ready to call 911. Finally someone saw them in the bushes. Holy CRAP that was scary. We had two attempted kidnappings right before Winter Break, on the street one over. So we are all on high alert. I don't even need to mention how pissed Monkey's friend's mom was when she got here. The friend was still giggling, thinking it was funny. I told him "You better wipe that smile off your face, your mom is PISSED. I would not be laughing when she gets here if I were you." She called me a bit later to apologize for him, and let me know that his butt was beat and he would NOT do that again.

Oh my gosh. So I decided that I am not making dinner, I am ordering in pizza. I have a party here tomorrow for about 12 other moms. I was supposed to spend all afternoon cleaning and getting ready. Instead I spent the afternoon trying to relax and catch my breath!

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Becky said...

WHOA! That's a CRAZY, heart pumping day.... SORRY!