Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tornado? Holy cow!!

(This picture was not taken today, it was lifted from a weather site)

I live in an area that does NOT get tornados! We get earthquakes, but no tornados or hurricanes or anything like that. Today, however, a tornado passed right over us! It was CRAZY. The schools were on lock-down, Monkey had to "duck and cover" for more than half an hour. That is not something we here in Southern California are used to.

There was a lot of flooding, downed trees and power lines, a few cars flipped over. The storm has passed for now, but the weather report says rain through Saturday. They say we haven't gotten the worst of it yet.

It is hard to take Peanut to appointments and such in the rain. Isn't this why we live in Southern California, so that it can be sunny every day?? :)


Bellismom said...

Aren't they awful? We get them a good bit in AL. It terrifies me!

Lacey said...

You know I'd still rather live there! I saw some crazy ocean pictures from Huntington pier!

butterfly11780 said...

I too am a southern Cali girl and couldn't believe that we had tornado warnings in my area. Man and the flooding! Will be happy when the rain is gone!

Becky said...

WOW! Glad everyone is safe - those can be SCARY!!!

The VW's said...

SCARY!!! Glad you guys are safe! Hope the weather clears up for you soon! HUGS!!!