Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy anniversary and New Years!

We got married on New Year's Eve, eleven years ago. Wow! Eleven years sure makes me feel old. :) We just got new cell phones, so we said no big presents for our anniversary (or our birthdays, which are both in January). We don't usually go out on our actual anniversary, because everything is so crazy for New Year's. So we stayed in with our kids! I rented Julie & Julia, which was great! We had appetizer dinner - coconut shrimp, meatballs, artichoke dip, chips and salsa. My parents came over with a blueberry pie and ice cream for dessert, and to wish us a happy anniversary.

Saturday night we are going to a movie and dinner. A real date, wow! :) Oh, and my dear husband brought me home these flowers after work yesterday. They smell so good!


The VW's said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

And, Happy New Year!!!

Love and Hugs!!!

Kristi said...

Oh my... You've been busy!
First: Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Happy New Day! Happy Anniversary! Happy almost birthday! Have a great date night tomorrow!!!

And, Merry Belated Christmas! Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday!

Second: So sorry about Monkey's sleep issue... that experience with Xanax sounds horrifying. I'm sorry both of you had to experience that. Hope you find a solution ASAP.

So sorry to hear about the seizure... ugh.

Third: Your supply post cracked me up! Oh, how similar our worlds are! Just substitute all Peanut's cath supplies for trach stuff and we're practically identical! I need to check out that other blog, too, as I've got a brand new box of Farrell bags that we don't use!

Again, Happy Anniversary! Hope your date night is wonderful :-)