Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It was nothing.

Her ears were a little waxy, but they always are. He said her nasal passages looked slightly inflammed. That's it. She still hasn't pooped since Sunday morning though, so I went out and bought Milk of Mag. Gave her a teaspoon and will repeat in 4 hours if still no poop. I hate that even the act of pooping can cause my little girl so much problems!!

Sorry for the delay in updating. I had an allergic reaction to something at the walk-in clinic. My eyes were watering like crazy and I got a horrible migraine. I slept all evening and night, took the kids to school this morning, and slept again. It's almost gone now. We went to lunch with some friends after school and us moms had a couple of beers. That always makes things better. ;)


Alicia said...

Thank God she's alright! Although, I hate poop problems too.

Beers for Mamas are a very good thing, in my book!

The VW's said...

Hope the Milk of Mag works! Why does even poop have to cause issues?! Hang in there! Glad you were able to get out for lunch! HUGS!

Bellismom said...

Pooping problems have always plagued Belli. She takes 1.5 teaspoons of Miralax everyday.

Colleen said...

I sure hope your little peanut gets better soon with the milk of mag. Poop problems can be a real drag sometimes!