Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It is definately a hernia.

We went to the urologist this morning and of course, the lump was hardly there. I told him that it is usually there, but sometimes it's not. Thankfully I had taken pictures of it last night when it was big! He said it's definately a hernia. He had to make a hole in her stomach wall for the Mitrofanoff to tunnel through. He said if you make the hole too small, it causes strictures around the Mitrofanoff (appendix) and makes it unable to catheterize. If the hole is too big, it can herniate. So that's where we are.

For the next month I am to "milk" it back in every time I notice it. We have an appointment the first week of March. If it gets any bigger or starts to hurt her, we will have to repair it urgently. If it stays the same, it can wait a bit longer. He says it will definately need to be repaired in the near future. Ugh!

Here are the pictures I took of the hernia last night. The little black dot next to the opening was a stitch from surgery, it actually came out last night finally when I was cleaning the stoma.

She's still quite sick, unforfunately. She had a fairly large seizure in the urology waiting room, which freaked out most of the other parents. One mom, whose kid had a cochlear implant and some other issues, asked if I needed help. The other people all looked scared. Luckily it only lasted about 45 seconds. She's had a lot of head drop seizures today, and some weird mouth things going on that I assume are seizures. Nothing else big. Tonite is my husband's birthday. He and I are going to Red Lobster for dinner. Thank heavens for nursing!!


Team Carter Jay said...

Poor Peanut. I'm still praying that these issues get resolved.

Alicia said...

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this! Just awful that it herniated and will have to be repaired! I hate hearing about her seizures, my heart breaks every time. You guys are constantly in my prayers.

I am glad you get away for a little while. Eat some Red Lobster for me, I love that place!

The VW's said...

Not another surgery! I'm so sorry about this!

I'm also so sorry about the seizures! Having gone through this with Gavin, I know how heart wrenching it is watching your child have seizures! It is horrible not being able to control them! Gavin still gets them when he is sick, so hopefully Peanut's will taper off when she is feeling better!

I'll be thinking of you and praying! Love and BIG HUGS!!!

Becky said...

SORRY! Ben's had a couple of hernias repaired. Even though it's pretty's still ANOTHER surgery - that stinks.

Treguboff Family said...

Poor little peanut!
I hope she starts feeling better real soon! Thinking of you guys!

Kristi said...

Ugh... Poor Peanut... Poor Monkey.
I cannot believe how much goes on in a handful of days.
(I mean, I can... but it's more exhausting to read about it all happening to someone else! When it's your own world, you just cope. When it's someone else's, your heart breaks and your jaw has to be picked up off the floor!)

I am so sorry Peanut has to have surgery. And I am so sorry that she's so sick. As for Monkey... he has a fundo? I tried to find why by quickly skimming some more posts... didn't find it?
As for the migraines, have they talked to you about putting him on Topomax? It's actually a seizure med with a secondary benefit of helping with migraines. (And, in high doses is an appetite suppressant... but that's not the point!) Anyway, it's been a miracle drug for Gracie and I just wondered if they've tried it for Monkey? She's been on it since she was 3 1/2 so his weight and age shouldn't be a factor. There's not a ton of pediatric data, but Gracie's not the only kiddo I know who has seen improvement on it.

Thanks for the invite at the end of the month! I need to check with hubby's schedule, but I'm pretty sure I can and definitely sure that if I can, I would love to come!
Thanks! :-) I'll email you when I talk to him!

Happy Birthday to your hubby!
I hope things start improving in your house...

Tammy said...

Oh, she's really going through a rough patch isn't she? Drat.

Sending get feeling better wishes!

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

Michelle and Sean said...

I'm so sorry she has a hernia! That stinks. Poor little, cute peanut. She doesn't need anything else wrong. We are praying for her!

And I'm sorry she keeps having these seizures. She is such a strong little girl.

Cathy said...

I am so sorry for the seizures. Poor peanut and then the hernia/? You need a big time break! Thank you for keeping us updated. It is good to know what the future can or may hold if we travel that road.