Monday, January 11, 2010

A million phone calls to make

I never updated about my House Party! That's because I was too hungover all day Sunday. LOL I will post about it later with a few pictures. :)

In the meantime, I had to take Monkey in to the ER last night. He had a horrible migraine. He has had a fundo so he can't vomit, but he was just retching and retching. We signed in and sat and waited forever. By the time they called us in, his pain was down to a 3 (from "a serious 10 mom"). The doctor came in, said it sounded like a migraine, good thing it was over, and went to do discharge papers. Monkey fell asleep on the gurney, and then we went home.

I am going to call his pediatrician this morning. I can't imagine that this is NOT related to his insmonia. Even on Xanax and now Ambien, the boy can't sleep! I gave him the Ambien during the migraine, thinking if he would fall asleep it would help the migraine. An hour later in the ER he was still awake. It took a few hours before he fell asleep. Something is not right!

He woke up this morning tired but feeing okay, so I sent him to school. I talked to his teacher and the office, so they know if he comes in sleepy or just icky to call me.

Of course as I put Peanut on the bus this morning, she had three head drop seizures in a row. And her Mitroffanof appears to have a hernia near the opening now.

Can I take a nap now??


The VW's said...

Sorry about the ER visit and Peanut's seizures! Hope your party made up for the yuck part of your weekend! Hope you can get a nap! Love and Hugs!

Cathy said...

OMG! What else can I say?? PRaying...