Monday, September 13, 2010

A 90th Birthday Celebration!

My (paternal) grandma turned 90 last week! We all went out on Saturday and took her to Sizzler, one of her favorite places. We stopped and picked up these giant balloons, which made for great photos. It was a lot of fun. Our kids have three great-grandmothers and no great-grandfathers. It's quite amazing to celebrate NINETY!! :)

My grandma loves her "hot toddy" every afternoon. Her favorite is brandy in orange cappuchino. She likes having a variety of liquers and other alcohol around, so we all get her these little tiny bottles all the time. She has quite an assortment of alcohol on hand - more than I do! LOL I had to take pictures of her with all her booze. My dad even got her a plastic flask as a joke.

We ate, had cake and ice cream, sang Happy Birthday (which Emily hates, hence this picture!), and took lots of pictures.

This is my cousin with Grandma. I only have two cousins, and I don't ever see the other one (on purpose!).

This is my brother and his wife, with the kids.

I took pictures of each individual family with Grandma and her 90 balloons, so that I can make her a collage to hang on the wall! This is the only picture of me, as I am always behind the camera. As you can tell, Emily was DONE by this point. It was loud in there and she woke up super early that morning.

It's not that common to take your 90 year old Grandma out to lunch! Strangely enough, another party came in to the room we were in as we were cleaning up. They were there to celebrate THEIR grandmother turning 90 also! I let them borrow our 90 balloons for pictures of their grandmother. :)


Junior said...

oh what a special day, Happy Birthday. Love all the pics

The VW's said...

How special! Happy 90th Birhday Grandma!!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us! Hugs!!!

kirsten michelle said...

Ha!! I love it. Grandma seems like she's diong just fine, thank-you-very-much. I love all those little bottles of liquor lined up in front of her -- so hilarious!!

I looks like you all had a great time -- and here's to more happy birthdays!!


granny is a hoot.

Lacey said...

90's looking pretty dang good! We are only as old as we think we are. That makes Ray about 18!

Colleen said...

Now I know the secret to a long and happy life...a "hot toddy" every afternoon. Ha ha. She's cool!

Jennifer said...

I was thinking the same thing...that alcohol has kept her going!
Andreana used to get upset when we sang happy birthday too. There was a time when I think she would get confused over her emotions like crying after she would squeal with excitement.

Alison said...

Happy birthday to your Grandma. She has earned herself a hot toddy at that age.

Funny - Ashlea hates happy birthday too!

Kristi said...

The pics of Grandma totally just made me smile! :-) She's hilarious with those bottles and that flask.