Sunday, May 9, 2010

(#&#$ Seizures

I hate them. Hate them. Have I mentioned that I hate seizures??

We upped Peanut's Keppra a month ago, to the highest dose for her weight. We saw seizures twice within the first week of upping it, and then none. None! For three weeks or so. Today we saw at least a dozen. They are super quick drop type seizures. I don't even know what they would be called! She'll be sitting on the floor and just fall over. Boom. Then sit back up and look dazed for maybe 20-30 seconds. Then back to normal.

I will be emailing the neurologist now ... :(


Lacey said...

Do you think they are infantile spasms? With that quick drop? I just remember the days when we tried every medication possible and it never helped. Now because we don't see a lot of seizures the docs think he's ok, but his EEG is constant activity! I know if we could get these dang things under control he would develop a lot more. I will ask Denise if there is anything specific she needs. If she won't tell me it might be a great idea to put a little basket together of stuff you know you need in the hospital but forget. Munchies, toothbushes, things like that. I'll let you know!

The VW's said...

I TOTALLY HATE seizures too! I'm so sorry that Peanut's are back at it again!

Gavin's are mostly under control, but every once in awhile they come back. It's usually when an illness is coming for him or after he's gotten over one. Could this be the case for Peanut? PRAYING!! HUGS!!!

Mommy K said...

I'm with ya. I hate seizure, too! Who likes them? =)

Thanks for saying HI on my blog. Your daughter is too cute! Can I ask about her history? Was she early or did she have a traumatic brain injury? Were your two kids' conditions related? You've had a rough motherhood! I'm just getting started on this new path. Maybe I can gain some insight from you. =)

Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

they aren't exactly my favorite either! If it'll make you feel better, Ivey exceeded her dose for Keppra, Lamictal, Klonopin and Topamax a Long long long time ago. These kiddos can really metabolize the medication, more so than adults. What are her blood levels? Did you get that checked before he upped the level? It may still be low - I would go get it checked - run the labs to confirm dosage. If you want my unsolicitated advice. :) Hope you get them wrapped under control!

connie said...

And I so hate them, too!!! Nooo, we don't have a nice collection of those hospital blankets (though I will admit, nothing the stores sell are quite like them, right?). You are observant .. we're back again. But hopefully home tomorrow. Only just over 2 wks here this time.