Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day ... how lucky am I!

I was talking to my dear husband at 2am, while unable to get back to sleep. One of the dogs was barking at something outside, probably a possum, and woke us up. He wished me a happy Mother's Day, since he was technically Sunday. :)

We were talking about the Mother's Day when I was pregnant with Monkey. Oh my gosh, we were so excited to be parents. Less than two months later he was born, and we were delighted. He had some major health concerns his first few years. Reflux, aspiration, reactive airway disorder, two fundos, and a g-tube. After his second fundo, he started growing out of the problems and has been a healthy and "typical" kid ever since. There were times during his first three years when the doctors weren't convinced he would live long. His aspiration and respiratory problems were SO bad. The second fundo stopped the aspiration, and we have never looked back!

The same time as he was recovering from his second fundo, we decided to try for a second baby. We got pregnant with Peanut the first month we tried. Hubby likes to say he has "Super Sperm", since she took only one month of trying and I got pregnant with Monkey while on the pill. :)

Peanut was born, and along with her came a whole host of medical issues. By the time she was 4 months old we were seeing GI, neurology, pulmonology, genetics, and metabolics. What a whirlwind that time was! We never got a diagnosis, and still don't have one to this day. She has been through SO much. Muscle and skin biopsies, two fundoplications, g-tube, numerous broviacs, TPN, an 18 minute cardiac arrest, blood transfusions, sepsis, peripheral neuropathy, and on and on. And my goodness if the girl doesn't just smile through it all!

So at 2am this morning, we were talking about love. Peanut is SO full of love. Her home health nurse likes to joke and say that I am Peanut's binky. When I walk into the room, she stops what she is doing to hold her arms up for me to pick her up. If I walk by the living room without stopping to smooch on her, she starts yelling. Her nurse will call out "Come back here, Binky!"

There are many things that Peanut will probably never do. She will probably never speak, or eat by mouth, or drive a car, or get married, or have children.

On the other hand, there are so many things that Peanut will probably always do! Her love is so pure, so deep, so unconditional. Every single morning when I walk into her room to wake her up, her entire face lights up. The biggest smiles ever come beaming across the room at me. I am truly the luckiest mom in the world! Every morning when she sees me, it is like Heaven on Earth. When I pick her up, she squeezes onto me and gives this little noise. It's her love noise. And it's AWESOME.

So, she may not date or drive a car. She will probably not develop an attitude of "You don't know ANYTHING mom!". But she will probably always look at my like I hung the sun in the sky. And THAT, is priceless.

Happy Mother's Day, to all my Mommy friends. May you realize, like I do, how truly blessed you are!


Lacey said...

Happy Mothers day Sarah!! We'll see you in a few weeks!

HennHouse said...

This post is so beautiful!! Happy Mothers' Day!

Cathy said...

Thank you for your comments. I know how you know that we are sooooo blessed. I didn't realize you had been through so much with both of your children.
Annabel is now in a 3T basically. Her length is 35in. and her weight is around 29lbs. Thank you and Happy MOther's Day to you.

The VW's said...

We are SO BLESSED!!!

Happy Mother's Day to a WONDERFUL Momma! Hope you are enjoying your day! Love and Hugs!!!