Monday, May 17, 2010

CoQ10 anyone?

I just bought some of this to start giving Peanut. I have done a lot of reading on it and it seems very safe. Some people are adament that it has helped the metabolic/mitochondrial disorder kids. I'm hoping to see something good out of it for Peanut. Do any of you give CoQ10 to your kiddos?

We are getting ready for our weekend trip to see Junior and his mom Heidi on Saturday. I am SO excited! :) She has some equipment for me and some for me to bring back for friends of mine. How sweet is that?

Now if only I could find a Convaid Cruiser or Maclaren Major or something similar, to replace the Cruiser we were borrowing. Our wheelchair lift is a rear external scooter lift, so it's not always feasible to use it. If it's raining or really hot, for example. The Cruiser is a great alternative for those days, and for quick trips here and there. The search is on!

In the meantime, we have another busy week. Thank goodness for our getaway this weekend, we need a vacation! :)

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connie said...

I've heard about it ... not just for any particular "type" of person, either. But I do think for seizures, for one thing. What do you know about it, what it's good for, etc? I can't believe I have had all this hospital time and done pretty much NOTHING. I have no energy to research anything, for sure!