Monday, December 28, 2009

Supply Overload!

I was checking on my favorite blogs last week when I saw that Jaxson's mom Lacey was in need of Farrell Bags. Well guess what, I had some! :) So off they went by Priority Mail, hopefully to arrive today or tomorrow. She said she couldn't believe I had them and found them. Here's the secret to my madness!!

These pictures are in Peanut's room. The rubbermaids are full of extra syringes (3, 5, 10, 30, and 60 ml), gauze 2x2 iv splits, lubricant, extra g-tube extensions, paper tape, etc. All those green boxes are urinary catheters. We used to have to reuse them because we couldn't get enough, so I'm not about to complain that they send way too many now! :) Those are all in her closet. On the shelves in the closet are her nebulizer and suction machine, both of which we are lucky enough not to need lately. There are g-tube stoma sizing devices, extra gloves for the nurses, and ambu-bags. On the bottom left, which I guess I didn't take a picture, is another three drawer container. It has all the extra tubings for her nebulizer and suction machine. Then there is also the six drawers on top of each other. That is not in the closet, that is next to her bed. It contains diapers, Pull-Ups, catheters, latex-free gloves, lubricant, disposable chux, sheets for her bed and crib, and washable reusable chux. Lots of stuff!

The next pictures are in the kitchen and dining room. We have an entire cabinet full of Neocate and Polycose. Again, times of running out each month remind me to never complain that I get too many now! :) Under those cans are her jarred baby foods. I use these to mix her daily blenderized diet when I'm too lazy/busy to make it from scratch. Next are the empty baby food jars that her daily foods are put into in the fridge and to school. I reuse these over and over. To the left of those jars are her daily medications, except for those that are in the fridge. And next to that is a small three drawer container. Top drawer is med syringes (3, 5, 10 ml). Middle drawer is 60 ml syringes for bolusing blenderized food, and both types of extensions. Bottom drawer is medicine cups, spoons, bottle lids, etc. The bottles are for taking pedialyte or water with us, and for measuring her pedialyte into her food. The colorful cups are what I use to carry her med syringes when it's time to give them. The last picture is a larger three drawer container in my dining room. The top drawer is feed bags for her Zevex Infinity. The middle drawer is more syringes, 3-5-10 ml. The bottom drawer is miscellaneous. 60 ml syringes, extra extensions, gauze, tape, replacement g-tube, etc.

I've found that the key to staying organized is these rubbermaid containers. My peanut has a TON of stuff, as do most kids like her. It's easdy to find them in clear containers, when everything has a home. Now if only I could get the rest of my house this organized! :)


The VW's said...

Looks familiar! But, it looks like Peanut has Gavin beat! I just got rid of a bunch of stuff that we haven't had to use, so hopefully we won't need it!

With her closet full of supplies, where do you put a girl's clothes?! :)

My husband and I were watching the Sound of Music lastnight and when they had to quickly pack up and leave their country in their small car, my husband said, "There would be no way that we could ever take off that fast and pack so light with Gavin!" There is no doubt about that!

Our kiddos take up lots of room, but they sure do make up for it by filling our hearts! HUGS!!!

Becky said...

I don't know how I would survive ALL the supplies without good old rubbermaid. We have a TON of them in our room for Ben. Organization is key. :) Makes for a happy mom too.

Lacey said...

Thats exactly what I do for Jax. I did go to target and got the wood shelves that the square boxes fit in. I store stuff in there too, and its a little more colorful. I got the bags today, thank you thank you! I hope they work, I used it with his last feed, and I don't know if he can push past all that tubing. I still pulled 30 cc's of air out when the feed was done. Keeping my fingers crossed. Any great suggestions on how to use it more effectively? Did she used to get formula in the bag?

Alicia said...

We used to only get as many supplies as we needed for a month. Then, I caught on to the fact that CrApria can't get ANYTHING right and would frequently lose, change or just not give us what we ordered. I also found out that our insurance company is pretty good about letting us order whatever quantity we want so I started ordering more than we need. I have now built up a healthy surplus and have been able to help some friends too. So glad you were able to help Lacey and Jax out!

Finding Normal said...

Love your organizational skills! I have a similar drawer thingie in Addison's room full of supplies she hasn't used in 2 years, but the extra g-tube stuff is kept in the garage for some silly reason. It's closer to the kitchen. There...that's my reason. LOL :)