Monday, December 7, 2009

Seriously ...

I took the dog to the vet this morning, and had a friend take me to pick her up this afternoon. Remember, my husband has to take my van to work because his car is dead. So we pick up the dog and she has the infamous white cone of stupidity on so she can't get her paws at the drain in the top of her head.

Oh, did I mention that when a dog gets drains, they don't get the little grenade ends like humans do? So when stuff drains out of the drain, it just drains? How gross is that?? He said they don't use dangling drains because there's no way to keep them safely attached. Hell freaking ICK!! So the dog will live in her kennel still, with no house roaming allowed. I have to take her back on Wednesday for the drains to be removed, and I just pray that they are stitching the stupid wound shut at that point so this can all be over!

In other oh-my-hell news .... I am the PTO President. Nothing new. That means that I am in charge of most events. Such as our holiday store for the students. You know the one, where your kid takes five or ten dollars and buys a bunch of junky crap that gets wrapped up and given to you with love. ;) So I booked with a lady named Darlene at Fun Novelty. Emails went back and forth, contracts were signed. Product was delivered Thursday, our store will be set up this week and run all next week. Except that then I get a call from Darlene at Fun Services saying I signed up and it will be delivered tomorrow. I explained that it was already delivered and there must be a mistake. She points out what a moron I am and that Darlene at Fun Novelty and Darlene at Fun Services are two different people at two different companies. And that I owe her $200 to cancel, which was in the contract I signed. CRAP! Did I really do this? What are the chances that there are Darlenes at Fun Services and Fun Novelty? The only way it could have been MORE confusing was if one was Fun Services Co. and one was Fun Services Inc. I royally screwed up. Trying to email my way out of this $200 fee. It was an honest mistake. :(

In our car news, we are trying to get financed for a new minivan for me, with a wheelchair ramp and lockdown for Peanut inside. Hopefully we can get approved, hubby will drive my van, and we'll live on spagetti and mac & cheese while we make car payments. And I am only sorta joking!


The VW's said...

Your life certainly continues to be full of excitement! You poor woman!

Your dog looks absolutely miserable with that cone on! Poor pup! It reminds me of the movie, "UP." Did you see that movie? The dogs are placed in the cone for bad behavior and it's called the "cone of shame." It's pretty funny!

Hope the drain doesn't cause you too much of a mess and that this will be the end of this fiasco! I also hope you can talk your way out of that $200! What a pain!.....and what a coincidence that both companies have someone with that name! Again, you poor woman! Hang in there! HUGS!!!

Lacey said...

Oh the doggy really does looked ashamed. "Sorry mommy"