Saturday, December 5, 2009

A series of unfortunate events

So you read about our dog Hannah's nasty head wound and abcess. I have tried nightly to clean it but honestly it just looks worse. This morning it started bleeding and wouldn't stop. I threw her kennel in the car and we went off to the vet. He cleaned it a bit in the office and got the bleeding stopped. He said it's definately still infected inside. Monday morning at 7am I drop Hannah off to get the wound opened a bit more and cleaned out from the inside. He thinks there will be a drain in the opening for a while afterward. I guess since my daughter doesn't have any weird medical things going on right now, someone had to! And this will be a minimum of $150. Ugh!

Yesterday my dear husband's car died on the way to work. His transmission is shot, it needs to be rebuilt. To the tune of $1700. Oh and his fuel line, bearings, and tie rods all need to be replaced, which we've known for a little while. All together, about $3000. Ugh!

My minivan's rear brakes are squeeling. The van has a wheelchair lift on the outside rear, like one of those old people's scooter racks. It doesn't have a ramp or interior lock. Luckily a friend is taking pity on my and her husband and brother are going to replace my brakes tomorrow for me. Phew!

We have to decide what to do about our vehicles. We were approved for a $20,000 loan only. So we either get my husband a new car, or get me one and he drives my van. I would really REALLY like a van with a ramp and wheelchair lockdown inside. My back is such a wreck and my right hand is useless due to previous surgeries and a number of cycsts and growths on it. I'm researching to see if there's ANY chance of finding an adapted vehicle for under $20k. It's not looking to good! I don't want to buy an old old old one, because then we'll just end up replacing it again. It needs to last a while.

Oh, and you know it's the holidays right? And that we do Hannukah and Christmas, because we have family of both religions? I am about 3/4 done shopping but now ... too many other expenses. Ugh! I hate that this is the first year the kids are not going to get all the things I want them to have. Not that we ever go really overboard, but it's nice for them to feel spoiled. Did I mention, UGH!

In unrelated issues, my back problems are a million times worse lately. If I sit in a chair for more than five minutes, it is exrutiating to stand up. I can't get comfortable in bed anymore, no matter how I lay my back hurts. And if I sleep in the recliner, the nerves that are pinched in my upper leg hurt. So I am in a world of misery.

So .... ugh overall! I wish we all lived in a little neighborhood where we could help each other and watch each other's kids and drink coffee together!


Lacey said...

We should all move into a neighborhood together. We could all help each other and we would know what each other was going through. I so hate transmissions. I have some real horror stories about that.

Alicia said...

I agree... UGH!!!!

I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this. But I am grateful it has nothing to do with Peanut!! : )

I am praying for these issues to work themselves out and for you to have a nice, peaceful Christmas.


The VW's said...

I'm so sorry that life is hitting you hard right now! Hang in there! I'll be thinking of you! HUGS!!!