Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Change of plans

So, we're not going to get me a new van. A loan for that would be about $600 a month, which is twice as much as I want to spend. We would be really tight at $300. Twice that and we would be eating nothing but potatos. LOL

We're going to repair my husband's car after all. $1700 to get the transmission rebuilt, and we can do the other repairs next month or the month after. It sure stinks to have to put out this much money during Christmas!

This morning I took hubby to work, and dropped him off. A coworker has a spare car he is going to borrow until we get his repaired. Isn't that nice of his coworker! :) I dropped him off at work and headed home, only to notice that my check engine light was on. Seriously??! I about had a mental flip-out.

I drove straight to the mechanic, who plugged into their computer thingy. And yes, that is the technical term. The computer thingy indicated that the problem was my husband. LOL When he pumped gas for me last night, he didn't click the gas cap on tight. It triggers your check engine light! Who knew. ;) That is the SECOND time he has done that to me. Last time my check engine light came on, it was the same thing ... also the morning after my husband pumped gas for me. Silly boy!

The car thing is not ideal, but at least we have a rational, affordable solution. I will just keep dreaming about a wheelchair accessible van I suppose!

I take the dog back tomorrow afternoon to get her drains removed. Ick. I sure hope they stitch this shut finally. It's gross.

In some good news, I finally found a new pediatrician for the kids. I really love our pediatrician, but he is 30-45 minutes away. His urgent care is the same building. This is not ideal when something happens after hours. I don't have time to be driving all over! So I talked to everyone I know and got repeat recommendations for one doctor TWO BLOCKS FROM HOME! :) And one of those recommendations came from another special needs mom. Yay! So I have to go to the insurance place tomorrow and fill out a form, and change. I am sad to leave our pediatrician, it's the only one Peanut has had. I will definately have to write him a long sweet letter. I feel like a jerk for leaving him!


Becky said...

UGH! Car problems are the WORST! Especially around the holiday. I'm so sorry for you having to deal with this right now. I'm grateful that you do have a solution though. Hang in there!!! :)

HennHouse said...

Deep breaths, sweetie. One "issue" at a time and now, you've got solutions!!

What happened with the same-named Christmas store ladies?!

Lacey said...

You know, one of the only things that makes me hesitate a little on moving to Cali? I don't want to leave my Ped. She has been amazing. Held our hands when we thought we were losing Jax. And was a therapist to me in my lowest moments. She is truly our angel.