Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a DAY!

I am glad it's almost over. I want a cold beer, a warm shower, and to go to bed soon!

This morning I got the kids off to school and came home. We had our backyard fence redone Monday and yesterday, so I was excited to see it all completed *it was dark when I saw it last night*. On the way home, there was a black purse on the sidewalk with it's contents strewn all over the place. Diapers, wipes, lipstick, birth control, etc. I decided to call the non-emergency police number, and they quickly came to get it. They told me not to touch it, so they could get finger prints off it if it had been stolen. Turns out it was stolen from someone walking a few blocks away last night, and dumped here after the bad guy rifled through it. That really stinks for the lady, although they told me she was thrilled to get it back, even in shambles.

Then we had a Jamba Juice fundraising sale at school. Since Wednesday is short day, I have arranged for JJ to come every other Wed. and sell to raise money. They were supposed to arrive at 11:45, as the kids get out at 12:20 on short day. At 12:00 they were still not there, and I was starting to panic. I called and was told they had just left the store! By the time they got to us, they had five minutes to set up before the kids got out. I was seriously mad and stressed! It worked out in the end, we just had to keep the kids in line calm and patient. Sometimes being PTO President is SO stressful!

Then I took Peanut for her every six month metabolic testing, and the Mecp2 gene test. She has to fast for for hours for the tests, and that is her limit due to the metabolic disorder. Usually the lab puts her at the front of the line when we get there because of this. Today they told me it would be a 45-60 minute wait. I said this wouldn't work, and they told me they would try and bump her up. 30 minutes later we're still waiting. I checked her blood sugar, it was down to 77. Everyone in the waiting room kept telling them when their names got called "Take the baby in my place!" but they said they were still processing her paperwork.

By the time they took us in she was grumpy, hypoglycemic, and dehydrated. They stuck her five different times! They got enough for her metabolic tests, but they don't think it was enough for the mecp2 test. That gets sent to Baylor University. Enough was enough though. Five sticks is too much for a little peanut! Her poor veins are so shot. She has had too many blood draws an IVs in her life, and even in the last few months. She has too many scars on the back of her hands, and her arms just blow. It sucked.

Then I forgot to get my parking pass validated so I had to pay $4 to get out of the lot. Grump!!

Lastly, I had to go pick up our three dogs from the vet's office. They were being boarded and Hannah got spayed yesterday. When we adopted her, the vet felt all over and said he couldn't feel a scar. He said she wasn't spayed, even had his assistant come feel her belly. When he opened her up yesterday to spay her, there was nothing there. He ended up spending twice as long as normal trying to figure it out, and she ended up with a huge incision. She's a Boston Terrier, so her stomach is small. It's so big and it's shut with staples. I have to take her in on the Saturday before Peanut's surgery to get them removed - as though I won't have enough to deal with that weekend! Evidently she was already spayed, there was just no scarring. What a pain in the butt!

Now I am going to go crack open a cold beer, and eat leftover pizza. Tomorrow has to be better, right?

Ohhhh and I forgot to mention. At the lab I made sure they remembered that Peanut is allergic to latex. They told me about this great new stretchy wrap that's latex free. Remember she was stuck FIVE TIMES - so five cotton balls with this wrap on it. We took it off before we left and she was covered in red splotches. Then around her eyes got all red. Turns out it's NOT latex free after all. They had tried to order some latex free kind, but they didn't get it. Great. She's never had a systematic reaction to latex (the eyes), only a direct reaction. That means her allergy is worsening - not good!

NOW I am going to get that cold beer. :)


Lacey said...

You deserve that beer. I would come over but I have to have a margarita, I don't like beer. But the cold pizza actually sounds good. Lets go sit on the beach and watch the waves and we're set.

Junior said...

oh wow, what a day. Praying tomorrow is better. You definitely deserve to relax this evening.

The VW's said...

WHEW! What a day! I hope that today is a whole lot better! Hang in there! HUGS!!!

Timothy Ethan said...

Oh My, What a day! I'm exhausted from just reading about it. I don't drink beer, but a vodka with grapefruit juice surely would hit the spot.

I hope that today is a much better day for you.