Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some pictures from recent days

These are a mish-mash! Some from Peanut's EEG last week (look at that hair!). One of our poor pup's belly, with all her staples in it. She gets them out on Saturday. A few of Peanut's beautiful smile, just because! I don't have any of my Monkey boy lately because evidently 9 year olds don't know how to smile without looking goofaholic. LOL

Oh, and the surprise I woke up to this morning! Luckily she must have pulled it out right before I woke up, because it went right back in with no problems. I did about have a heart attack though! She's pulled it out a thousand times, but never in bed. It's always been during the day where we see it happen. This one scared me - I was sure we were going to end up the ER for stoma dilation. She sure likes to keep me on my toes!


Alicia said...

Wow, so glad the g-tube went back in easily, that's always scary!

Peanut is so adorable, even with all those electrodes plastered all over her head.

Junior said...

Such a cute little lady.
sure glad the tube went right back in, we have had that happen as well.

The VW's said...

Sure lokks like you are being kept on your toes lately! WHEW!

Peanut is such a cutie! I can't believe all the hair that she has! You must have had a fun time cleaning all that goop out from it after ger EEG! YUCK! It takes a few washings for me to get it all out of Gavin's hair, so it must have been a job for you with all of Peanut's beautiful hair!

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Hope you have a great day! HUGS!