Monday, September 7, 2009

Swine flu has me petrified.

It didn't, at first. I laughed at those who were panicking. People panic every year over the flu, or this or that. But H1N1? It sounded harmless to begin with. Now more and more warnings are coming out, and this latest article has me scared to death.

Swine Flu Poses Risk to Kids With Neurological Conditions

Seriously? 67% of the children who died of Swine Flu had a neurological condition. You know, like cerebral palsy or microcephaly or seizures. They might as well have titled it "Swine flu poses risk to kids like Peanut". :(

She is scheduled to have surgery Sept. 29th for her Mitrofanoff procedure. I know that our Children's Hospital is already flooded with Swine Flu. I am going to be neurotic about people washing their hands and using sanitizer when she goes in this time!!!


HennHouse said...

Protect your Peanut. Don't worry what anyone thinks of you or what you make them do. MAKE THEM WASH THEIR HANDS. Just do it. You might just save her life.

And yes, I'm petrified of H1N1, too.

Deanna said...

I've been worried sick about the kids I'm working with as well. I'm starting to get neurotic about every sniffle, every spit-up, how high the temps are of kids who neurologically have higher base temps, etc... I have a total of about 10 of my 30 students who fit this risk group! One kid has already had it before school started. Anyone who wheezes during allergies or viruses, is wheezing currently, including myself. One is already in the hospital with pneumonia--don't totally expect that I'll ever see her again since it's only preschool, she doesn't legally have to be there and if I were her mom, I'd pull her.
Just keep protecting your baby!!!

The VW's said...

You sound just like me! At first I thought people were talking crazy about how scared they were of it and how people were going to die, I just thought that they were being overreactive! Not anymore! This definitely scares me now and I wasn't even aware of the neurological part of it! Great! Now Gavin and I will never leave the house! We will, but I plan on being very cautious!

I pray that our kiddos stay healthy this year! Hang in there! HUGS!

Lacey said...

Its ok, I've talked with people in our PICU, and also my ped. Its no worse than the regular flu, actually a little better. Of course we have to be cautious, our kids are always more suseptible. But its nothing worse than the regular flu. Just keep doing what your doing.