Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peanut got better test results today than I did ....

She did AMAZING at her eye exam today! I was so proud of her. She hated the drops of course, but stopped crying the minute they were done putting them in. She has huge pupils normally, so her eyes only dialate a little bit. He said that her far-sightedness is GONE! She has totally normal near/far vision. Her astygmatism is only a tiny bit different, which is great news! He wrote a prescription for new glasses but said to go ahead and wait until we need them, because it's such a minor change. WOOHOO for a good appt!!

Oh, and I must mention .... I was holding her on my lap, facing the Dr. She was using her arms to push away his tools (go Peanut!). I managed to keep her arms under control, but then WAM. Directly in his crotch, she kicked. He scooted back on his stool and said "Oh crap!" LOL She had good aim. ;)

Now for my results. I got my MRI results back and they aren't great. :( I don't know what it all means, and my Dr is sending me to an orthopedic surgeon for follow-up. It definately shows osteoarthritis. Chondral thinning, bone spurs, and bulging discs in my spine. My spine and right hip are "full of arthritis" as the Dr put it.

Why the right hip, when the left hip is fine? Because that's the hip I carry Peanut on. I try to switch her to the other hip, but it doesn't work. She just slips down. So for 5 and a half years I've had a heavy lump on my right hip, and my body isn't happy about it.

I am nervous as to what the orthopedic guy will say. I definately don't want any more surgery!!! In the meantime, she told me to take over the counter pain meds and she'll call me in something stronger if I need it. You know, for those nights when I don't have to get up through-out the night with Peanut ..... ;)

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Trish said...

YAY for Peanut!! Sounds like a great appointment, and I can't say I blame her for kicking the doctor lol I can think of a few times I would have loved to kick a doctor or two! you go girl!! :)

I'm sorry to hear about your results.. I hope it is something easy to do, to help you with your stuff.. *hugs*