Thursday, March 26, 2009

One last picture

Somehow I deleted this one. I wanted to post it and ask other moms of low tone kids if your child has bat wings like this? I don't know how else to describe it! LOL Her shoulder blades seem to poke out sideways like this, under her arm. Do your kids do that too?? The PT says it's just ligament laxity, and nothing to worry about. It definately looks peculiar!


shan said...

Marie does that and she's even more low tone than your Peanut is. On a side note, I actually thought it was a little normal (mine do that too, I'm double jointed)...

Cathy said...

thank you for commenting on the blog concerning Kathleen!

Kristi said...

Nope... no "wings" here, but we have a "hump" to deal with on one side :(
Thanks for the trach supply offer... none are things we can use, though... different sizes/types, etc. BUT... THANK YOU for thinking of us! So sweet of you!
YES... let's try to connect at CHOC (or anywhere!) soon!
We are still very unhappy with GI... Katz isn't taking new patients (even if transferring from within the clinic)... so we will just keep trying. Do you have a dietician that you recommend there?

Thanks :)