Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's worse than a snotty kid?

A snotty kid with a seriously overactive gag reflex and dysphagia. The nose gets all stuffed up so she can only mouth breath, so she stops swallowing. That leads to drooling, which leads to more choking and retching than normal.

It SUCKS. Peanut has been in school for one week exactly, and she came home snotty today. I hate that parents send in sick kids! I can understand a slight cold, but the other day one girl in her class was green snotted and icky. Keep the poor thing home, and hopefully everyone else won't get sick too!

I foresee even less sleep than normal tonite. I am tired already, I'm sure tomorrow will be loooooong. Good thing it's almost the weekend! If I have to clean up any more spit up, I might just lose my mind.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, the poor thing. I know what you mean about sick kids at school though. It never fails that the girls come home sick within the first two weeks of school. They've been in school for a month now and sure enough we all get sick two weeks ago. BLAH!

I hope she feels better soon. ((HUGS))

shan said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. We're gaggy, retchy, snotty here. Benedril has been helping a ton (our pedi recommended that). Its dried her out a bit so that we all get some relief!
We'll be thinking of you and praying for Peanut's quick recovery!

Deanna said...

Already been there too. M had a fever, is congested and plenty refluxy. Better than last year, though, when she ended up with pneumonia on the 2nd week and was out for another week and a half and her speech therapist took her off the schedule for over a month. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop with Joey.
Hope Peanut feels better quickly!

Tamara said...

So sorry to hear Peanut is not feeling well. I am always fearful that Abbs will come home with some yucky stuff too... it always seems to last so much longer than it should being she has such a low immune system. Will be thinking of you, hope you get some rest this weekend... Tam