Thursday, September 18, 2008

School, IEP, Therapy, and More!

I truly think that IEP's were invented to drive parents insane. I have met very few parents who like IEPs, or who don't dislike them. They are frustrating and tiring.

We need to have our annual IEP for Peanut soon. Before we do, I told the teacher that I wanted to meet with her and discuss my goals/hopes/etc. for this year. I don't want to go into another IEP and get blindsided by what they think her goals should be. For some reason they are insistant on trying to get her to eat orally. We are not that concerned about it! We are on a break from feeding therapy, as all it was accomplishing was frustration. So for the school to have an oral eating goal is silly.

Tomorrow I meet with her teacher for an hour. She is new this year and seems very open to discussion. She is helping me get Peanut mainstreamed, which seemed impossible last year. I hope that she'll listen to me about my hopes for Peanut. I want her to be shown more switches and picture boards (PECS) and such. They seem to fight me on things that might actually cost them a dollar or two.

It is so frustrating to be the only person seemingly fighting for what my child deserves! She is such an amazing and incredible being, and she deserves the world.


Deanna said...

You know you're so right about the IEP. Where is a feeding goal educationally relevant for her???? Most districts would drop that one because it isn't and costs more do deal with.
You're also right about PECS. She needs to do that NOW. As in yesterday!
Good luck and go Momma!

Tamara said...

Don't I totally agree with you! I cringe at this day... so long and drawn out, so many people with different specialities wanting asking and pushing ideas.. don't they all have different one too! I wish you luck... sit down and think out what you want and stick to your guns! You are the parent and they can't do anything without your consent!