Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleepy Morning

Last night was a dreadful night. Some nights, Peanut is just UP. She was really retchy, uncomfortable, and awake. Finally she seemed content, but still wide awake. She wanted to be cuddled on the couch, and loved on. She didn't need toys, just love. But at 2 in the morning I want to sleep! I put her down on the living room floor with a toy to try and get a little rest on the couch, and the crying resumed. Daddy and I traded off who was holding her and who was cat-napping, but in the end no one got much sleep. It's a good thing it's a holiday Monday, and there's no work for Daddy today. That would have been miserable!

Peanut and Monkey go back to school on Wednesday. It has been a fun summer, but I am glad to get back into our normal routine. I think Peanut has grown bored of me anyway, as she is getting fussier earlier in the day now than normal.

Peanut is going to be a KINDERGARTNER!! Can you believe it? She is going to the same Severely Handicapped class she's been in since she turned 3. I am working on having her transferred though, and the school district is really fighting me. I want her in a regular Special Ed. class, where she's not the highest functioning kid. Right now she's just about the only kid in her class aware of her surroundings, much less interactive. I want her around other active, functioning kids! I also want her integrated for a bit (maybe an hour a day?) in a general ed kindergarten class. The school district is pitching a fit. I know that she is not going to learn her ABC's or how to write her name, at least not now. But she IS capable of socializing and sitting with other kids her age. I think she needs that. I think she DESERVES that! So, the school district battle is waging.

I am still trying to figure out how to get my blog all set up how I want it. I will try and post pictures later today if I get a chance.

Thanks for checking in with us, I know our blog is new and kind of dull still. :)


Tamara said...

Yeah, I am so glad that you are starting to post! Your daughter is precious! Although, I was wondering... is her name peanut or is that a nick name? Good for you on fighting for her to be in a general ed class! Keep it up we are the only vocal advocates our kids have! You Go Girl! Looking forward to reading more! ;0)

Kirsty said...

I hope you are successful in your quest. She would thrive in a more challenging environment I am sure. Good luck and seriously..Kindergarten??? No way.