Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TPN Clinic today

Emily has an appointment at the TPN clinic today. I am nervous. She is in a bad way again. Retching all morning, throwing up meds, grumpy most of the day. I hate this for my girl!!!

I am fearing that they will want to admit her again. I am going to be strong and tell them NO. We have a 4 day trip planned, we are leaving Friday through Monday. We are going to visit some friends and have a relaxing weekend. They can admit Emily as soon as we return if they want.

And then I realize how insane it is that I talk about admits like this ... but I just counted up on her medical sheet that I printed for the TPN appointment, and she has been in the hospital 16 times since January. Please cross your fingers and pray that they listen to my wishes!


Rebecca Jackson said...

Praying for you! Your family NEEDS this break and the best place for Emily is next to her Mama who is relaxed and refreshed!

Our Family said...

if they don't know what is wrong with her, how is admitting her for the 17th time going to help? i hope they listen to you to. be strong!

Jamie said...
Do u read Reagans Blog? Is Emily in the Mito Family? I dunno...alot of on and off things sound the same as this girl... Hope and Prayers sent your way..:)