Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy weekend!

This weekend we had a baby shower for my sister, she's due at Thanksgiving with a little girl named Kaitlin. It was a lot of fun and she got a ton of stuff. :) It's going to be so fun to have a little girl around to spoil, and then send home! Hehe I am so excited. This will be my first neice.

After the baby shower we went to my parent's house for a bbq, since the weather was so nice. We have to take advantage of it before it starts getting cold every night! Today I took the kids to the aquarium. Daddy had to work, so it was just us three. It was so crowded that we didn't look at everything, but we had a lot of fun. Jacob loves all the touch tanks, and Emily liked watching the sea otters in the underwater tunnel. :)

This is a busy week, leading up to a busy weekend. Emily turns SEVEN this Saturday! We are having a Minnie Mouse party with a bouncy house. She loves sitting on someone's lap in them while other people jump. I can't wait, she is going to have so much fun. A bunch of her little friends are coming, there will be 6-8 other disabled kids. It is going to be a blast! :)

Sunday is CHOC Walk. I am looking forward to this so much. We picked up our bracelets and t-shirts today, so we are all ready! I am $22 short of my goal of $150 under my name. If I can raise another $22 I will get a special Disneyland CHOC Walk pin! If you haven't donated and have a few dollars to spare, PLEASE consider donating to CHOC Walk. Without Children's Hospital, we would not have our beautiful Peanut with us today. They have literally saved her life!! When I signed us in today at the headquarters, I bought her a Choco Bear. It is the hospital's mascot. It's SO cute, and it's almost as big as she is! :)

Please help us raise money for our Children's Hospital!Donate to Princess Emily's team for the CHOC Walk!CLICK HERE Any amount helps, even a few dollars. :)Thank you!


Sarah said...

How cool. you must live fairly close to where I live. Q was hospitalized in January in CHOC because Loma Linda was too jam packed. We were actually in our local ER with seizures and pneumonia for 2 days before we were finally xfered to CHOC! It was a crazy few days. I LOVE how nice the rooms are and how big the hallways are. so cool!

Anyway, sounds like they had fun at the aquarium. I LOVE the pictures. that last one with the bear is ADORABLE!

Becky said...

Happy almost 7 to Emily! Wow!!!

The VW's said...

Such cute pictures of you sweet, almost 7 year old girl! Sounds like you are having a great party for her! Have fun! Love and Hugs!!!

Alison said...

I hope she has a great birthday party!!

Lucia said...

Your sweet little Emily is so cute!!! She has such a pretty face with cute teeth that her smiles show! I want to give her a hug and a kiss but I live in Texas, so Cyberhugs and Cyberkisses to her!