Monday, April 19, 2010

Kicked off my shoes, got a cold Diet Coke, happy to be home!

The morning started off a little different than I had expected. I got Monkey and Peanut up and ready for the day. Monkey fed all three dogs their breakfast, like he does every morning. When it was time to leave, he couldn't find Hannah. She's the Boston Terrier - that is Monkey's dog. She sleeps in his bed, follows him to the bathroom, they are seriously attached. She was gone, and the side gate was open somehow. I took him to school, threw Peanut in the car, but instead of heading to Disneyland we spent two hours driving the neighborhoods. I came home and made some signs with her picture, and hung them all around. I called the microchip company and reported her lost, and Peanut and I headed to Disneyland. I felt sick, thinking about how Monkey would react when he got home from school and I hadn't found her. There's no way he would go to sleep tonite peacefully, it would be a nightmare. Oh did I mention that this last weekend her tags came off her harness somehow? So she got loose, and her tags were sitting on my kitchen table!! Not good.

As I pulled in to the Disneyland parking lot, a man called and said he had Hannah. He agreed to drop her off at Monkey's school (where I'm the PTO president, and know all the staff). The office manager said she'd keep her until a friend could go get her. My friend picked her up, went by my Mom's work to get her key to my house, and put Hannah in her cage. Ugh! What a MESS! But thank heavens someone found her, and her tags are on her and the gate is definately locked. Phew!

So .... on to Disneyland! Peanut HATED Peter Pan. Waaaaaay too dark. She liked Small World, KC Train, all the rides in Bug's Life (California Adventure). She was okay on Alice in Wonderland and Mr Toad's Wild Ride, but I wouldn't say she loved them. We did a ton of walking, spent 5 hours at the parks, and came home. She was done by that point, stimulated to the max! Pictures will follow in the next post. :)

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Becky said...

What an eventful day. Glad Monkey's dog made it back home.