Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She had a seizure at school today

They sent a note home in her communication book that she had a seizure while they were catheterizing her this morning. Oh and by the way she did the same thing yesterday. Uh, really? Because I picked her up yesterday, she didn't take the bus home. And no one mentioned it to me. Seems to me that I should be told every time she has a seizure at school! Especially since I have specifically asked to be notified.

At least they were both short lived, less than a minute they said. The neurologist said to expect more seizures than normal while we wait to get up to the therapeutic dose of Keppra. That will take four weeks.

I hope that my Peanut doesn't have too many seizures in this time ... or that they at least stay short like these ones were!


Becky said...

Sorry! Seizures are no fun at all. I hope she can get her levels up quickly!!!

Lacey said...

Sheesh, maybe cathing her triggers seizures. I HATE SEIZURES.
And yes, we are already planning our next trip to Cali. We are getting season passes to Disneyland in January or Febuary. We will probably be there in the spring. And if I go after my sweet baby girl thats in the California foster system we may be there for a while. Ok by me.

Junior said...

Praying the levels go up quickly and the seizures stop.

Vie said...

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