Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a little better today!

We woke up to a pleasant surprise - the rash is a little better! Definately not gone, and definately still insane. But better. :) We went for the renal ultrasound first thing this morning, the lady freaked. I told her it was a medication reaction and showed her the ER discharge papers, and she was okay with it. So hopefully we'll get those results soon, and it will show some improvement in her hydronephrosis!

We have a 10:30 appointment with the neurologist. We are going over the MRI results FINALLY, and talking about the new seizure med.

We are having a (belated) birthday party for Peanut this Saturday, so hopefully the week will calm down!

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Junior said...

so happy to hear the rash is a bit better today.

Regional Center is the program that will pay for the van adaption. Is Peanut involved with them, I am sure she would qualify for their services.