Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wow, it's been a whole week since I updated

Things are getting back to normal here, and WOW have we been busy! Since I'm the PTO president at Monkey's school, there was a lot of catch-up for me to do last week. Missing one week really threw off everything. Luckily my board members are great and so helpful. :)

My Peanut is doing amazing. I can never get over how fast these little ones recover from surgery and procedures! If it was me, I would still be laid out, nursing my vicodin every night. LOL

We go to the urologist on Wednesday morning. He is going to remove the catheter from the Mitrofanoff stoma. He will cath it, and show me how. I am a bit nervous! My DH is worse. I changed the dressing over it this morning, because Peanut had a diaper explosion. He nearly passed out looking at it. Ugh! I hope he gets better.

So things are good but busy! Peanut's birthday is this Friday, but her party isn't for a few weeks. Still, I need to get ready for that. Add in Halloween, Red Ribbon Week at school, Conference Week and Book Fair Week. Enough to keep me busy, that's for sure!


Becky said...

SO glad she is doing better - it's amazing how resilient kids are, eh? Thinking of you guys! :)

Cathy said...

Thank you for the update and so glad she is doing better. I did understand you comments on our blog. I did have to cath twice during the night. When she get 20 cc in her bladder she is miserable. No one has ever mentioned bladder spasm but I am wondering if this is happening to her. I am still wanting to investigate the mitronoff and I am not favoring the vesicostomy due to all the wetness. Please keep us up on her progress.

Lacey said...

You are one brave women to take on the PTA president with everything you have going on. I didn't even dare take on a small job they wanted me to do. I just don't feel I can commit to anything with Jax right now.

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that she is doing well recovering! And, yes, you do sound very busy...take time to breathe! :)