Thursday, October 22, 2009

Using the Mitrofanoff

The urologist showed me how yesterday and as nervous as I was, it was really easy! I was pleasantly surprised. We are cathing every 4 hours now, through the Mitrofanoff. We are still cathing through the urethra at night and leaving it in overnight, he wants us to do that for another week or two. Then if we want to we can leave a cath in the Mitrofanoff overnight instead. Here are two pictures, three weeks post-op I think the scar looks great already! Today was the first day I really cathed her all by myself. No fighting, no struggle, it was so easy! I am already glad we did this. :)

Oh, and to answer Cathy's question about where the urine had been going since we didn't use the Mitrofanoff last week. We didn't tie off the bottom of her bladder, where it connects to her urethra. So she still pees on her own some, she just doesn't ever empty completely. So she will still pee on her own, and be catheterized as well.

And just because she's so dang cute .... some Peanut pictures. :)


Bellismom said...

She is adorable! And that scar looks great. My c-section scar doesn't even look that good two years later =-)

Junior said...

love peanuts smile. So glad the incision is healing well

Lacey said...

That scar does look fabulous. So does urine leak out of the hole? It looks like a great idea to empty the bladder without a regular catheter.

The VW's said...

What a precious girl!!

That surgery looks like it's going to be well worth it and such a blessing for you both! I'm so glad that cathing her is going better with this new site! YAHOO!

Michelle said...

Oh boy, that is great! Thanks for letting me know. I haven't been blogging much. Sort of getting bogged down. The Mitrofanoff looks like it is a little more to the right than Emily's. She can also urinate if she needs to. We use the Mitrofanoff 4x day and then tape an indwelling foley into the stoma at night. How was recovery? Did she have much pain or infection?

Cathy said...

Thank you this is so helpful. She is first going to have a surgery for her tethered cord. Depending on if this works, will make a further decison. Will keep you posted. Thank you for the pictures. She is so cute!

Michelle said...

Emily uses a foley at night and it is hooked to a drain bag. I tape a wrap around the foley like a twist and tape it upper and lower with the foley between.


the foley is the straight lines and the tape twisted around it like this ~, each end taped to the tummy, one end above and one end below the foley. That holds it in a straight line. If a straight cath is used I think it would poke her bladder if left in place and she wiggled at all. Also with the foley there is a balloon to keep it in place.

connie said...

She sure IS the cutest! I always love her smiles. They can really make my day.

Thank you for the informative posts you do. I always learn a lot from you.

What is she eating these days?