Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A quick update

We got the Lamictal generic tonite, called Lamotrigine. I am supposed to start her on half a tablet at night. Okay, this thing is TINY. So I cut it in half with the pill cutter, and then crush it in the pill crusher. Try and get all this tiny powder in a syringe, to pull up some water. I'm wondering if it would dissolve in water, if I just put the half pill in the syringe and then pulled up water, without crushing it first? Seems like she's never going to get the exact dose this way. And no, it doesn't come in a liquid.

Lacey, I freaked out thinking about IS immediately the first time she did it this morning. She did it twice in a row the first time. The second time it was just once. The third time it was twice, and the fourth time it was just once. Not large clusters, like I've read about with IS?

I hate seizures. We went almost six years without a single. It's not fair!

Cathy, her culture grew Enterobacter and she is on Furadantin? From looking online that doesn't look very uncommon, but they sure made it sound like it was. The pharmacy gave me a four day supply even though we don't have the auth yet, because I told them she really needed it and threatened to cry. ;)


Junior said...

Medi-Cal can be a real pain.
Junior uses Lamictal and I just put it in the syringe with some water and it dissolves. We have the name brand but should work the same with the generic.
We will be praying that it works to stop these seizures.

Alicia said...

I am just catching up. I am so sorry Peanut is dealing with these new seizures. I can't imagine how scary this is for you. And I sorry insurance and MediCal are being royal pains in the butt! They just don't understand lives hang in the balance while they twiddle their thumbs and make us jump through hoops!

I am praying for you and Peanut, as always.

The VW's said...

Glad you finally got the meds!

Gavin has a couple of pills that he takes that I have to dilute in water to give him. I have these tiny little cups from tupperware that I use to let the pills dissolve in. I draw up how much water I want to use with a syringe and then squirt it in the cups, then I add the pill and wait for them to dissolve. It takes a few minutes or more, but it's a whole lot better than crushing the pills, if you ask me.

Hope the meds work well for her and soon! HUGS!!!

Cathy said...

I am so sorry about her seizures and wish I had something to offer. Does your pharmacy do compounding?
Almost anything annabel has ever needed they have been able to liquify there at the pharmacy. Sometime it take a couple extra days but makes it easier. Somethings just can't be given in the tube with even the crushing and disolving in the water.
I am also praying that your insurance will quit all these denials. What a pain. Praying for you and your sweet Peanut. Will keep check back.

Lacey said...

Lets see if this med works, if not, it really does sound like spasms with that head drop. She'll be fine.

Tia said...

Lamotrigine was a wonder drug for my Mog. We used to put the half tablet in a syringe then just draw water up around it, leave it a couple of minutes to dissolve and squirt it down with a good flush.

I really loved the Lamotrigine - with every dose increase Mog got happier and gigglier and more alert. Just wonderful, and such a change from other other anticonvulsant meds. Downside to that was that with every drug increase she slept less - we always gave her a bigger dose in the morning and a smaller one at night due to that.

She doesn't take it any more (her seizures develop tolerances so we have to switch around), but it was very definitely one of my favourites. I really hope it works as well for Peanut.