Friday, June 15, 2012

Two months without our Princess ...

It feels like forever.  It feels like just yesterday.  It feels like a nightmare.  It feels like hell. 

We are having a HUGE garage sale tomorrow, to raise money for Emily's headstone.  We need to raise at least $1200.  We are ordering it on Sunday (worst Father's Day present ever).  We want it to arrive so that we can have it placed on her 9th birthday, which is on October 16th.  We will have a get-together to celebrate her birthday and remember our sweet girl.

We have been asked by many people who are not local how they can help.  I created a ChipIn account for anyone who would like to donate to our family.  The money will go directly towards the cost of Emily's headstone.  Thank you so much!


Emily, you are SO much and you are SO loved.  I hate this new reality.  I cannot believe the depth of this pain.  :(

1 comment:

Emily Cook said...

prayers for you, friend.

it will not always be this way.