Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nothing new, just some pictures

This has been a quiet week, as we recover from the hospital stay and prepare for Thanksgiving. The kids have all week off of school next week, and on Monday we are meeting up with Lacey and family. We are SO excited to meet Arina!!! The plan is to go to Disneyland with them, but the news just said it's supposed to rain ... not sure what we'll do. All I know is that I cannot WAIT to hold Arina! I think Jacob is as excited as I am. He has a slight obsession with kids with Down Syndrome. He loves them. He volunteers in the class at his school that is mostly kids with DS. He wants "a sister like Arina, SO bad!"

Nothing much is happening this week. Jacob has tennis lessons and he is doing amazing. It is incredible to watch this group of 10 years really play tennis! Not just hit the ball and run around, but really PLAY. It's awesome! It's hard to get pictures because lessons are right at sunset so my camera hates the lighting. But here are some. (Check out his coach, Rafael. I think I may have a Mom Crush on him!)

And of course, the Princess. She is doing well this week. She's napping a lot more than normal and having quite a few seizures, but nothing major.

We are all getting excited because my sister is having her first baby! A little girl, and she's due at Thanksgiving. So sometime in the near future there will be an adorable little baby to cuddle on. I can't wait!! :)

I hope you are all doing well. Lots of stuff going on for the holidays and school and just life. Speaking of which, the dryer is buzzing at me. I better go!


Michelle and Sean said...

How fun to meet up with Lacey!! I saw them on Sat and Arina is just adorable!! Hope the will change so you guys can have some fun!!

The pics are too cute! Nothing better than a sleeping princess!!


We have the same monkey pj's! Your son is fabulous. And a tennis coach that looks like this named Rafael. Oh, come on! I'd be at the courts 24/7.

Jamie said...

Did not know that Syed from LOST coached!! LOL LOL Love the monkeys! sounds like things are "going well" :)

Alison said...

Oh I'm so jealous - I'd love to go to Disneyland with you guys and Lacey!! Hope you have a good time!

The Fluck Family said...

love her PJ's!

Colleen said...

Sleeping beauty is so cute! I can't wait to see the pics of you and Arina at Disney. I'm so jealous!

Becky said...

Wish I could hang with you guys at Disney Land. :) HAVE FUN!!! And give Arina a snuggle for me.

The VW's said...

Have fun with Lacey and her family! I'm so jealous! Give Arina and Jax a squeeze from me and Gavin!

Cute and cool pictures of your kiddos! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Cathy said...

We need to meet up. I would love to see Emily and Annabel together. Pray for me I am try to let Annabel's hair grow. I bet then Emily and her will resemble even more. And again, thank you for sending me this beautiful song. I bought two CD's, one for the car and one for the home. Every line reminds me of our beautiful special children.

Zoey's mom said...

Will pray the rain stays away and so jealous we won't be there with you guys.Just can't swing it.

Jacobs has a wonderful obsession ... I have the same one!!

As for sweet Emily... probably pooped from the week of tests and those pesky seizures.

And finally,thank you for listening to my rant and lending your support.It helps to know that others "get it."

Sidenote:Jake's team came in 6th out of 36 in the Robotic's qualifying ... off to regionals in Chatsworth in a few weeks.They were SO excited!

Lucia said...

Emily looks so sweet when she is sleeping. She must be pooped out from being in the hospital and all these tests and the awful seizures.

Rafael is definitely cute, I agree. He's hot. Hehehe.

It's great to know that Jacob likes children with Downs. Maybe someday he will end up working with Downs Syndrome children, who knows?

Donna said...

I LOVE sleeping pictures! Where did you get those PJ's?!? I always call Alex my little monkey!