Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disneyland with friends

There are not many things that are more magical than Disney at the holidays The entire park is made over with Christmas decorations. It is quite amazing! :) What is more amazing is getting to go enjoy it with good friends with awesome kids. We spent the day at Disneyland yesterday with Jaxson and family, as well as sweet Ella's big sisters. Ella was busy getting her g-tube placed in the morning, so her Mom came later to meet us at the park. It was a fantastic day. I am absolutely in LOVE with Arina! If her daddy didn't have my home address in his GPS, I might have stuck her in my pocket and ran home with her! ;)

Emily, getting ready to ride Toy Store. The 3D glasses lasted on her face only long enough for me to take the picture before she threw them. :)

Sweet Jaxson! He lounged in my arms for 45 minutes while Lacey and Ray were getting lunch. I just love to snuggle this little guy.

Jacob is in love with Arina. He has told us for about two years that "We need a little girl with Down Syndrome". He is now convinced of it after playing with Arina!

Arina was all smiles for Jacob.

Carter pushed Emily's wheelchair most of the day. It was really sweet!

Emily's dad getting some Arina love. She was fascinated with his facial hair.

Emily loves Small World. She could ride it over and over and over again!

Jaxson seemed to like it too. :)

It was a fantastic day. It was cold, which is my favorite kind of Disneyland day. Much better than hot. :) Lacey, thanks for letting us spend the day with you. Thank you for letting us love on Arina and letting my snuggle with Jax. Your boys are awesome. And Denise, I'm glad your girls were able to come and hang out with all of our boys! :) I am so relieved that Ella's surgery went well and I hope you guys are on the road to home today!! What a fantastic Thanksgiving you will have. :)



So glad you had fun! Disney is the best during the holidays with the exception of course of that stinkin It's A Small World Song that gets stuck in your head over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......

Zoey's mom said...

Jealous.Super jealous.Wish I could have joined you all.Wasn't in the cards this time.Next time for sure.Hoping to meet up with the crew in a few days.

Glad you all had a blast.i still just love what Jacob said.Warms my heart!

Alison said...

Sounds like such a great day!!

The VW's said...

Insanely jealous over here.....Disney AND the Rugg family?! You are so blessed! And, they were blessed to have time with your family too! Looks like a fantastic day! Glad you had fun! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love and Hugs!!!

Tia said...


Becky said...

So FUN! Wish most of us lived closer. I'm grateful for good blogging friends.